Become an Election Official

Ever wonder what it would be like to help conduct an election? More than 6,000 people are needed on Election Day to help staff the polls, transport ballots and materials, and maintain political balance. With so many different opportunities to get involved, there is something for everyone! Be part of history, support democracy, and have fun while doing it by becoming a poll worker. Your community needs you!

To become an Election Official in Cuyahoga County:

  • You must be at least 17 years of age and registered to vote
    • CLICK HERE to check your voter registration status and you current political affiliation
  • You must be a registered voter in the county in which you plan to work
  • You must not have been convicted of a felony
  • You cannot be running as a candidate for the election in which you are working

 To apply, please submit your application online. For questions or to learn more, please contact or call 216-443-3277. Learn more about each position below.


Voting Location Manager

The Voting Location Manager oversees all activities performed in their assigned precinct to ensure that the election process is handled in an orderly, professional, and lawful manner. They assist voters with the election process, assign duties and breaks to poll workers within their precinct, and open and close the polling location, among other duties. They have the ability to interact with individuals from various backgrounds and those with various learning styles. This position earns $182.10.
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Precinct Election Official
Precinct Election Officials perform precinct tasks as assigned by their Voting Location Manager to ensure the election process is handled in an orderly, professional and lawful manner. This position earns $172.10.
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Polling Location Coordinator
The Polling Location Coordinator (PLC) manages their polling location including personnel, set up, and the voting process.  They manage the flow of the polling location to ensure voters are able to cast their ballots without issues. They serve as technical resources to resolve issues and troubleshoot election equipment. The Polling Location Coordinator facilitates teamwork between poll workers and serves as the main point-of-contact with the Board of Elections. They have the ability to interact with individuals from various backgrounds and those with various learning styles. This position earns $200.00.
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Bilingual Election Official
Bilingual Election Officials translate voting instructions and provide assistance to Spanish-speaking voters with limited English proficiency. They perform all activities as assigned by a Precinct Election Official and ensure Spanish-language tools are visible in the location and accessible to Spanish-speaking voters. They must have the ability to read and speak Spanish and English fluently. This position earns $172.10 + $25.00 for attending bilingual training session.
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Drop-off Captain/Rover
Drop-off Captains/Rovers travel to various polling locations to assess and assist with problems related to the voting process, safeguards sensitive documents and supplies, and delivers election-related materials to polling locations on Monday, among other duties. This position earns $11/hour; hours vary on Election Day and the day before.
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Drop-off Assistant
The Drop-off Assistant assists the Drop-off Captain in fulfilling duties, loads and unloads supplies from poll worker and ballot-transportation vehicles, and performs all other duties as assigned. This interactive video will help explain these duties. Base rate $65.00; hours begin at 6:00 p.m. on Election Day until complete.
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Ride Along
Ride Alongs are essential to help maintain political balance on Election Day. They ride with law enforcement officials to and from drop-off locations and the Board of Elections warehouse to deliver ballots and other election materials on the evening of Election Day. Each vehicle is staffed with one Democrat and one Republican. They also help direct cars coming and going from the drop-off locations. This position earns $10/hour and will earn a minimum of $40.00; hours vary by election. 
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