Training Materials/Schedule

NOTE: All Poll Workers must schedule a training class with the Board of Elections Poll Worker Department. WALK-INS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Poll Worker Training Schedule

To Be Determined

To sign up for training or if you need to reschedule, please call the Poll Worker Department at 216-443-3277.

Poll Workers Training Materials


Quick Reference Guides

Election Official Training

     *This does not replace in-person training at this time.

  1. General Information 
  2. Processing the Voter
  3. Provisional Voting
  4. Monday Night Organization Meeting
  5. Additional Information
  6. Closing the Polls
  7. Overview of the Training

Election Official Video Clips

  1. Tour of the Polling Location
  2. Monday Night Organizational Meeting
  3. Tuesday Morning Pre-Election Setup 
  4. Processing the Voter
  5. Provisional Voting- Finding the Voter's Correct Precinct 
  6. Provisional Voting- Filling Out the Provisional Envelope 
  7. Provisional Voting- Casting a Provisional Ballot 
  8. Closing Procedures

Polling Location Coordinator Video Clips

  1. Monday Night Administrative Meeting
  2. Setting Up the Polling Locations
  3. Tuesday Morning Pre-Election Setup
  4. Additional Administrative Duties 
  5. Closing the Polls
  6. Pack Up Checklist 

DS200 Scanner

  1. Tour of the DS200 
  2. DS200 Monday Night Setup    
  3. DS200 Tuesday Morning Setup 
  4. Second Chance Voting 
  5. Shutting Down the DS200 

ADA Poll Worker Training Videos

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up of an Accessible Polling Location
  3. Curbside Voting
  4. Providing Assistance to Voters with Disabilities
  5. Interacting with Voters with Disabilities
  6. Etiquette Tips for Interacting with People with Diabilities
  7. Setting Up and Using the AutoMARK

Additional Materials

Click the link below to view the Secretary of State's online Poll Worker Training. This online training is to serve only as a supplement to your regular required four hour Poll Worker Training Class. Some procedures in the online training were intentionally made generic in order for all Ohio Counties to be able to utilize the online training. Please refer to the Poll Worker Training Materials provided by Cuyahoga County to see specific procedures for your Election Day experience.

Secretary of State Online Poll Worker Training