Training Materials

To sign up for or reschedule your training, please call the Election Officials Dept. at 216-443-3277.

Training Videos:



Location Setup

Electronic Pollbook (EPB) (5 videos/requires password)

DS200 Training (4 videos)

AutoMARK (3 videos)

Processing a Voter with Valid ID
(requires password)

Soil/Void Ballot Process (requires password)

Provisional Voting

Tuesday Night Pack-Up Checklist

Drop-Off Location Procedures

Tour of a Polling Location

Voting Location Manager Procedures (2 videos)

Training Class Material:

Poll Workers

Rovers/Drop-Off Captains

September 2019 PEO Training (.pdf)

September 2019 VLM/VLD Training (.pdf)

Flip Chart

VLM Checklist

September 2019 Rover Training (.pdf)

Rover Binder

Quick Reference Guides:

Monday Night

Election Day (Tuesday)

Electronic Pollbooks
(all password protected)


Scanner Team

Ballot Team

Supply Team

Scanner Team (AM)

Scanner Team (PM)

Ballot and Supply Teams

Processing a Provisional Voter

Monday Night Setup

Tuesday Opening and Closing of Polls

Tuesday, Election Day

Ballot Accounting


DS200 Removing Scanner From Service (No Ballots Cast)

DS200 Removing Scanner From Service (Ballots Cast)


Additional Resources:

Poll Workers

Rovers/Drop-Off Captains

Closing Reminder Checklist

Drop-Off Chain of Custody Form

Green Supply Bag Checklist

Location Setup Diagram

Location Supply Bag Checklist

Mandatory Calls to the Board of Elections

No Campaigning Zone

Post-Election Pack-Up List

Sample Ballot Security Record

Sample DS200 Security Record

Sample Location Security Record

Sample Provisional Ballot Envelope

Soiled/Defaced/Voided Ballot Envelope

Stub A Envelope

Closing Reminder Checklist

Drop-Off Chain of Custody Form

Location Setup Diagram

Mandatory Calls to the Board of Elections

No Campaigning Zone


From Rover Binder:

Monday Night Organizational Meeting Checklist

Monday Night Zone Station Checklist

Rover - Tuesday Morning Location Checklist

Rover - Tuesday Morning Zone Station Checklist

Rover - Tuesday Closing Location Checklist


Election Security

Election Security Video by U.S. Election Assistance Commission

Election Security "Talking Points" for Cuyahoga County Election Officials (password protected)

ADA and Disability Resources

Click the link below to view the Secretary of State's online Election Official Training. This online training is to serve only as a supplement to your regular Election Official training class. Some procedures in the online training were intentionally made generic in order for all Ohio Counties to be able to utilize the online training. Please refer to the Election Official Training materials provided by Cuyahoga County to see specific procedures for your Election Day experience.

Secretary of State Online Election Official Training