Summary of Temporary Employment Opportunities

Ballot Department

Ballot Department Election Officials are responsible for proofing ballots, notices, reports, and audio for content and accuracy.  Officials are crucial to quality assurance, scanning, auditing, recounting ballots, and testing voting units.  The position requires Officials to maintain confidentiality and safeguard election results.  In order to fill this position each applicant must be either a registered Democrat or a registered Republican to comply with the agency’s bipartisan policies.

Job Descriptions
Temporary Clerk - Ballot Proofing
Ballot Scanner Operator

Absentee Department

Nursing Home Election Officials travel to nursing homes within Cuyahoga County to deliver, assist, and return absentee ballots. They must have daily access to a personal vehicle, have a current valid driver’s license, and auto insurance.  Ability to work in a team environment and perform in a professional manner under stress when confronted with tight deadlines is required.  Officials must demonstrate a professional attitude and appearance, as well as be willing to work extended hours.  In order to fill this position each applicant must be either a registered Democrat or a registered Republican to comply with the agency’s bipartisan policies.

The Absentee Election Clerk will assist the regular staff in the duties of the Absentee Department including opening mail, processing absentee applications,  processing returned ballots, In-Office early voting (processing voters, retrieving ballots, assisting provisional voters, maintaining voting areas), communicating with voters, opening ballots, and post-election activity.  Basic data entry and word processing skills required.  Customer services experience preferred.  

Job Descriptions
Nursing Home Election Official
Absentee Election Official

Election Support Department

Warehouse Officials are required to be able to lift, push, and pull 70 pounds repeatedly; Physical activity such as bending, reaching, stooping, and extended periods of standing may be required.  Officials must be competent at performing routine manual labor tasks.  Excellent attention to detail; proven ability to understand and execute written and verbal instructions; assisting drivers with the loading, delivery, and unloading of polling place supplies; cleaning of voting materials; preparing election-related equipment and supplies are all necessary skills needed to succeed in this position.

Job Description
Temporary Election Official (Warehouse)

Registration Department

The Registration Department performs data entry and proofing crucial to the election process.  This includes entering voter registration cards, verifying petitions, and processing provisional ballots.  The Registration Department is also responsible for answering voter phone calls pertaining to elections.

Job Description
Registration Official

Election Officials Department

The Election Officials Department is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training all precinct election officials, polling location coordinators, and other Election Day officials. 

Job Descriptions