NCOA 2009 Cancellation process



National Change of Address (NCOA)

Records Scheduled to be canceled on

6/22/2009 from the 6/22/2005 NCOA Confirmation Mailing

Proofing Report




As of 5/11/2009:


  • 58,073 records are currently eligible to be canceled on 6/22/2009
  • The attached records have been proofed for the following:
    • Mailed a confirmation notice on 6/22/05 as directed. (SOS directive 2005-12)
    • Returned confirmation notice marked by voter as moved out of county
    • Did not respond to the Confirmation Notice as of the date of this memo
    • The Confirmation Notice was returned undeliverable
    • The record did not engage in any voter activity from the date of the Confirmation Mailing (6/22/2005) thru the date of this memo



NOTE: The cancellation list will be updated again on 6/22/2009 prior to canceling. This will ensure any records currently on the cancelation list that vote in the May 5, 2009 election or records that have activity will not be canceled.

NCOA 2009 cancellation summary list by city